This past season (2018) was a great one for Team Wingspan! The competition season started with our team attending the Waterford District Competition. We were chosen to join the sixth seeded alliance to join Team 5907 CC Shambots and Team 3770 BlitzCreek. Our alliance ended up winning the competition, resulting in the team’s first blue banner. Two weeks later, we attended the Milford District Competition. Our team joined the fourth alliance with Team 27 RUSH and Team 4776 S.C.O.T.S. Bots. Our alliance did not make it out of the quarterfinals. We qualified for the Michigan State Championship at Saginaw Valley State University and were located on the DTE Energy Field. Though our team was not chosen to join an alliance and did not qualify for the World Championship, the year was a successful one for us.

2017 was another great year for Wingspan. We started off the competition season at the Kettering University Event #1. Our team was captain of the fifth seed alliance, selecting team 70 More Martians and Team 6548 Perry RAMBOTS. Our alliance made it through quarterfinals, but they got out in semifinals. Wingspan then attended the Waterford District Event. We joined the fifth seed alliance with Team 5561 Raider Robotics and together, we invited Team 5860 Full Metal Muskrats to complete our alliance. Our alliance, once again, made it past quarterfinals but lost in semifinals. At the event, the judges awarded us with the Team Spirit Award. We qualified for the Michigan State Championships and was placed in the Consumers Energy Division. We joined Team 6548 Perry RAMBOTS on the fifth seeded alliance, and invited 1596 The Instigators to join the alliance. The alliance put up a tough fight going into a tiebreaker match in the quarterfinals, however, the alliance was unsuccessful. Due to our performance at the two district events and state championship, we qualified for the 2017 World Championship, but the team did not attend.

In our team’s first year, the 2016 competition season, wee attended our first ever competition, the Waterford District Event. We were chosen to join Team 51 Wings of Fire to join the seventh seeded alliance, and we invited Team 1250 Gator-Bots to complete the alliance. We made it to the quarterfinals of the competition. Our second event that year, we attended the Troy District Event. The team was invited to join Team 217 ThunderChickens, and we invited team 322 F.I.R.E. to join. Our alliance also made it to quarterfinals, but was eliminated. We were awarded the Highest Seeded Rookie award.

Our team has grown a lot in the last three years. The students and mentors have dedicated many hours to making the team successful. After just three years, we have won awards from judges and our first blue banner. These past few years have been great for Wingspan, and we are excited to see what the future holds for us.